Faq’s for professionals

Offices will use your provided skillset, availability, desired rate, and desired travel distance as their selection criteria. In addition, after each completed job the office will rate your performance using the star system.
This 360-degree approach will allow you to create your own professional brand.
If you need to take a break from the registration process at any time you can simply log out and your information will be saved for your next log in.
All independent contractors are required to have professional liability insurance to use our platform. The cost-effective annual coverage can be easily obtained from insurance vendors or you can obtain one by selecting the vendor we have provided here
The offices will use your profile photo to verify your identity when you accept and show up to a work assignment. You will need to show your ID upon arriving to the office. Your profile photo should be in the upright position and framing your upper body.
You will receive payment into your bank account within 10 days after completing your work assignment. This is set up when you register by entering your routing and bank account numbers on our secure site.
Absolutely. Stynt has partnered with the most respected partners in this environment to ensure full privacy and transparency. Want more info? Check out our Privacy Policy.
Once you complete your profile you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to the email account you provided. This will activate your account to start receiving dental jobs.
Yes. Stynt is a free platform where offices instantly hire temporary and permanent dental personnel.
Stynt is a platform that connects healthcare offices and personnel through independent contractor relationships. We don’t employ professionals.
You can change your profile settings at any time. If you are taking a break from working but will want to continue again in the near future you simply make yourself unavailable for all the days of the week in Edit Profile > Rates & Availability.
To permanently cancel your profile you can deactivate your account – keep in mind this action cannot be reversed.
If you connect with a professional through Stynt, all temporary work assignments with that professional must be booked through Stynt. Any assignment less than 90 days in duration is considered a temporary assignment. Once you have worked with a professional for 90 days through Stynt, you can hire that professional permanently or pay a finder’s fee.
Both personnel and clients can communicate their experience after each work assignment is complete. This will tailor your Stynt experience to best fit your needs for future assignments.
We’re so glad you asked! You can tweet at us, hit us up on Facebook… maybe even become a TempStar. Are you a blogger or a journalist who wants to write about us? Head over to our press page.
Congrats! You will be sent a confirmation email/text/push notification with the day, time, office name, address and telephone number. You can directly contact the office at any time. Once you arrive at the office ask for a clock in code so you can enter it in your mobile phone. This would be considered the start of your work assignment.
Stynt is currently a platform for Dental offices, DMD, RDH and RDA/CDA.
Dental assistants need to register with their state board. All professionals are required to upload their certification.
Stynt technology will issue a mandatory clock-out one-hour after the work assignment is completed. You and the office should contact us at support@stynt.com and inform us of the actual hours worked so we can make the proper adjustments.
If you cancel before the office hired you, no harm is done. If you cancel after the office has hired you for the job or if you don’t show up for work, you’re not only seriously letting your client down, but this will also impact your rating. In the event you have to cancel on a work assignment, please immediately contact both the client and our office.
As a professional you are working as an independent contractor. You are not being employed by Stynt or the client. No taxes are witheld from the money you receive after you completed a work assignment. You are responsible to file and pay your own taxes. A 1099 form will only be supplied to you via our payment provider once you cross the threshold of more than $20,000 in earnings or 200 work assignments from a single client.
Yes, typically that is what you should do: you clock in when you start your work assignment, clock out when you take a break from work or leave for the day. You can clock in and out multiple times per day.
Yes, you can. Obviously you can’t work both assignments at the same time, but as soon as you get hired for one of the conflicting work assignments, your application for the other conflicting work assignments will be withdrawn by the system.
Stynt uses latest technology to ensure smooth and secure experience when using our website. We recommend using the latest version of your browser, and require it to have HTML5 support. The browsers supported are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE (version 9 and up). You can also use our website from your mobile devices, using Safari on iPhone/iPod/iPad or Chrome on Android OS. If you’re using iOS, we recommend download the Stynt iOS application following this link

When you work through Stynt, you work as an independent contractor. This means that no taxes are withheld from your earnings. As you were paid through a third-party payment network, you would have qualified to receive a 1099-K from our payment provider in case you worked more than 200 times with an office through Stynt and/or earned more than $20,000 (see: IRS website ).

To find an overview of all the transactions please go to our website, login and click your name (top right corner). Choose Account Details and then Transaction History. Here you can see all your earnings and export this list to a file so you can share it with your tax-advisor or use it to report your income.

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