Faq’s for offices

If you need to take a break from the registration process at any time you can simply log out and your information will be saved for your next log in.
Stynt is a platform that connects healthcare offices and personnel through independent contractor relationships. We don’t employ professionals.
It depends of course on the rate you are offering and the hours you have requested, but in many cases professionals respond within minutes to your work assignment.
If you connect with a professional through Stynt, all temporary work assignments with that professional must be booked through Stynt. Any assignment less than 90 days in duration is considered a temporary assignment. Once you have worked with a professional for 90 days through Stynt, you can hire that professional permanently or pay a finder’s fee.
Yes! Once you are registered you can save multiple office locations and post work assignments for each one as needed simultaneously.
The clock-in and -out times are used to calculate the hours the professional has worked. The office will be able to verify these hours before payments are processed.
Both personnel and clients can communicate their experience after each work assignment is complete. This will tailor your Stynt experience to best fit your needs for future assignments.
We’re so glad you asked! You share you referral code with other professionals or offices: both of you can earn $20 for every referral. You can also tweet us, hit us up on Facebook or write a nice review on the appstore.
When you create your secure Stynt profile you enter a credit card to have on file. After the work assignment you confirm total hours worked and your card will be charged within 5 days of work completion.
It can take less than a minute to post a work assignment and get a commitment from a personnel using Stynt’s platform. Just post your work assignment. Once you receive the candidates, review and select. The candidate will be immediately notified through our system and both parties will get contact information for further communication.
It’s free if you cancel a work assignment before anyone has applied. There will be a $25 charge if one or more candidates have applied but you did not select any of them or cancelled the work assignment. There will be a $50 cancellation fee if you cancel a work assignment after it has been agreed to. Why? Most often these professionals have to rearrange their schedule and life obligations to accommodate your work assignment.
The professionals you hire through the Stynt platform are all independent contractors. A 1099-K will be issued to them by our payment provider if they qualify.
From the moment you post a job you have 24 hours to select a candidate for the job. Don’t wait too long with selecting a suitable candidate as the professionals are often in high demand and can apply for multiple work assignments at the same time. You don’t want a great applicant to slip out of your hands.
Stynt uses latest technology to ensure smooth and secure experience when using our website. We recommend using the latest version of your browser, and require it to have HTML5 support. The browsers supported are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE (version 9 and up). You can also use our website from your mobile devices, using Safari on iPhone/iPod/iPad or Chrome on Android OS. If you’re using iOS, we recommend download the Stynt iOS application following this link.

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