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We Share 8 Secrets for Conducting Healthcare Job Interviews to Hire Superstar Talent

After an exhaustive search, you finally found and persuaded the perfect candidate to come in for your healthcare job interview. She has the right skills, the right attitude and emotional intelligence, an amazing history of solving problems, and the professional references to prove it all. You’re excited at the possibilities that hiring her could create for your practice.

She comes in for your healthcare job interview full of confidence, eager to discuss your practice and the possibility of working with you. After the interview, she declines your offer, telling you she doesn’t feel she’d be a good fit with your practice. You’ve lost another stellar candidate, and so the search must continue.

What could have happened? It just might boil down to a poor interviewing process. READ MORE >

Last Minute Job Policy – Effective May 25, 2018

At Stynt we strive to give you the best possible experience to ensure that you quickly, easily and affordably get the best healthcare talent possible. Many of our clients have told us that they are experiencing increasing numbers of last minute needs that traditional temp agencies are unable to fill. To combat this problem, over the coming weeks Stynt is rolling out several updates to our platform to increase the availability of last minute professionals. READ MORE >

Professionals Can View their Rating on Stynt

Ever wonder what your star rating is on Stynt?

View Your Profile Rating
We give you the ability to view your profile rating easily from our web and mobile apps.Establishing and maintaining a high star rating will help you impress potential hiring managers and get more jobs. Every time you work through Stynt, offices rate their satisfaction with you by providing a rating of up to 5 stars. These ratings are averaged and are visible to hiring managers on Stynt. READ MORE >