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How the Gig Economy Can Benefit Your Healthcare Talent Strategy

The healthcare industry is facing a growing challenge: a lack of skilled, reliable healthcare talent to fill current and future workforce needs. That needn’t be bad news. Companies like Airbnb,, Freelancer, Uber, Upwork, and countless others are revolutionizing the way employers and qualified workers find each other by providing a sort of “matchmaking” service. They […]

5 Ways to Welcome RDH Temps into Your Company Culture

A former middle manager accustomed to working with RDH temps learned a surprising – and important — lesson from one of them. That lesson? All team members – no matter their employment status – are a valuable part of the team and deserve to be welcomed, included, and treated with respect. Many managers and their […]

3 Tips to Manage Dental Temps in a Blended Workforce

Only ten years ago, if you asked average Americans what kind of work they wanted, most would answer that they wanted a full-time job with a future, including benefits, annual raises, and a retirement plan. These days, over one third of American workers are shunning W-2 positions in favor of more non-traditional employment as freelancers […]