5 Tips for Professionals to Get 5-Star Ratings From Offices

Want to know how to get 5 star ratings from the offices you work for? Follow these 5 simple tips:

1. Arrive 15 minutes early
Synt recommends professionals arrive at least 15-20 minutes before jobs. Arriving early will allow you to connect with the office before patients arrive, establish points of contact, ask questions, find out where equipment is located, and generally find out how you can help the office. You are welcome to call the office in the days leading up to a job to gather the same information however it is not required.

2. Dress professionally
Your appearance is extremely important. It contributes to making a patient feel confident they are in the hands of knowledgeable professionals. We recommend:
Scrubs and/or lab coats for the back and business casual for the front.
Be fresh and well-groomed.
Don’t wear colognes or perfumes as those around you may be allergic.
Wear comfortable and professional looking shoes. Avoid open-toed shoes and heels.
3. Be professional at all times
You must be professional at all times especially in front of an office’s patients. This is particularly important when communicating with the office, with their patients, or communicating with the office and/or patients in front of each other.
Limit your cell phone use. If something comes up that demands your attention and can’t wait until your break, please excuse yourself and discreetly explain this to the office so you are not viewed as being unprofessional.
Remember to clock out for breaks such as lunch because they are are unpaid times when you work through Stynt.

4. The little things count
Try your best to make the doctor and their office look great in front of their patients. Stynt encourages you to be a team-oriented professional and make patients feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Arriving early/before patients arrive will help you understand where things are when you are assisting the doctor or working independently with their patients. This is also an opportunity for you to find out how a doctor likes having certain things done like making a temporary crown or taking x-rays. Ask the office if they need help with anything during down time between patients.

5. Thank the office at the end of your shift
Thank the office for the opportunity to work with them and their patients at the end of the day. This promotes general goodwill and you have earned the personal satisfaction of knowing you made a difference and helped others. Please remember it is a privilege not a right.

Haven’t worked a job yet? Stynt allows you to get offices you’ve worked for in the past to rate you. Access the “References” screen on Stynt’s web or mobile app.