4 Solid Benefits of Being a Dental Freelancer

When some people find out their colleagues are working as dental freelancers, the responses are mixed.

Some ask why they don’t get a “regular job.” Others respond with awe, saying, “I could never do that,” or “I don’t have the discipline to work for myself.” Still others are curious, wanting to know how they can start and succeed as a dental freelancer.

Certainly, freelancing isn’t for everybody. It’s a bit of an acquired taste. As a dental freelancer, you might look at it as a full-time side hustle, where you can spend days at a time on social media, marketing and following up with potential clients, answering emails, and updating your records without getting any paid work at all. And when it comes to setting your rates, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with clients who try to offer you less money than you’re worth.  

Not only that, giving up full-time, permanent work for freelancing can jeopardize your ability to get health insurance or your financial security.

And yet, if you’re an ambitious self-starter, your work as a healthcare freelancer can be challenging, rewarding, and empowering – especially if you are unable to work a traditional nine-to-five job due to a disability or conflicting family responsibilities.

Here are three common advantages healthcare freelancers experience.

1. Pursue your passion



As a dental freelancer, you experience freedom that traditional staff doesn’t experience.

As a traditional full-time healthcare employee, you work for your employer according to his or her schedule, salary, and job expectations. You are assigned duties and tasks, and receive more direction and supervision from the boss. Your work is limited by the focus and expertise of the employer.

On the other hand, as a dental freelancer, you can use your creativity, experience, and expertise to exercise your creativity, generate ideas, and solve problems. Since you have more control over who you work for and the projects you take on, you can count on being more passionately engaged with and interested in your job.

There’s a tremendous amount of freedom in being able to choose the employers and positions you feel are important for yourself and your own personal and professional needs. Since you’re not restricted to one particular employer, company, or practice, you can explore your options more easily.

2. Set your own schedule



Since dental freelancers aren’t necessarily confined to a 9-to-5 day or 40-hour week, you can create the kind of schedule that suits you best – whether you’re an early riser or a night owl. You can work at your own pace and spread your energy over several employers or projects.

The ability to create your own schedule can allow you to live the lifestyle you choose. For many, it may mean packing up and becoming a globetrotting digital healthcare nomad. For others, it may give you the freedom to explore more fully your own or neighboring communities.

You choose the clients you work with, and you control your own schedule.

3. Earn what you’re worth



When you work as a traditional employee, your employer determines how much money you earn. Getting a raise depends on the health of the company or practice as well as on your ability to negotiate a good starting salary and meaningful periodic raises.

As a dental freelancer, you can set your own rates competitively, based on your experience, expertise, and the stability of your local market, choosing only to work with those employers who agree to hire you at your preferred rate.

4. Take charge of your own job security



As a dental freelancer, you are self-employed, so you’ll never have to worry about your job being in jeopardy. As a full-time healthcare employee, you’re always vulnerable to getting pink-slipped when your employer faces financial difficulty and needs to lay people off. And you’ll always be competing with other staff to keep your job in tough times.

Given that so many people are impacted by job layoffs, you can always feel more secure when you work as a dental freelancer. Your experience and skill set will always be there, enabling you to continue working without worrying about being laid off.

Getting started as a dental freelancer can be challenging, but the many benefits can make it well worth the challenge.

Whether it’s following your passion, creating your own schedule, earning what you’re worth, or creating your own job security, we’d love to help.

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