4 Reasons Why Offices Use Stynt’s Temp-to-Perm Feature

Today, many healthcare offices on Stynt are opting to hire professionals on a temporary to permanent basis. There are many great reasons why offices are doing this.

1. Fill two needs with one person.

If you have an open permanent role on your team, chances are that you badly need someone to begin as soon as possible. By hiring a professional on a temporary basis, you are able to get someone productive in the role immediately without making a long term commitment. While you are assessing whether or not to bring them on board permanently, you are still accomplishing work and serving more patients.

2. You Can See Whether or Not They Are Good For Their Job.

Sometimes, candidates have the specific skills you need for that position, but aren’t able to perform in the way you need. If you assign the temp quantifiable goals and they aren’t able to meet them, you know that they aren’t the right fit for the job.

3. You Can “Interview” Them For an Extended Period of Time.

When you hire a professional on a temp-to-perm basis, you can get to know them extensively. You can find out whether or not the skills and tasks they say they possess are actually applicable in your office. You are also able to assess their strengths and weaknesses on a more in-depth level.

4. You Can See Whether or Not They Fit in with Your Culture.

When you hire a temp-to-perm candidate, you can see whether or not they fit well with the office culture. You may find that some professionals look great on paper, but don’t perform well with other colleagues. In order to be a good fit for your office, you need someone who is well rounded on paper and in real life.

It’s Easy to Hire Temp-to-Perm Professionals on Stynt!

Did you know that Stynt can help you hire temp-to-perm staff for your office? When you post a temp job, check the Temporary to Permanent checkbox. This will notify the 30,000 strong Stynt talent community that the job may lead to a permanent position with your office. Stynt’s matching system will encourage professionals to apply to your temp position who are interested in permanent work.

With over 30,000 medical & dental professionals available, you will get the best local talent to apply for your job! It’s always free to post a job on Stynt. You only pay a 25% connection fee when you hire a temporary professional (fees vary for perm professionals, contact us for complete details).

Stynt can help you fill any healthcare position including dentists, physicians, nurses, hygienists, nurse practitioners, office managers, and many more. Reach out to your account executive or contact us at support@stynt.com to learn more!